About us

Ferrum Cafe – the only steampunk venue in Astana and even in Kazakhstan with an atmosphere of ingenious inventions and artifacts from the fantasies of Jules Verne, Edison and Tesla. Visit us and you can find many elements of the Victorian era – a huge flying ship, steam engines, mechanical fishes, a lot of gears and even toys made in steampunk style. Nearly everything has its own real stories, we will gladly tell you all of them. A lot of details not only impress adults but also cause delight in children. And of course, we have to mention our pets – the lizard Vasilisa and the cochlea Eleonora Andreevna.

Ferrum Cafe is located in one of the most interesting areas of Astana, in 800 meters you can find the Esil River promenade and the Presidential Park, wherein the summer time you can have a picnic in the open air, we can provide everything for your excellent day.The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is also located in the park and have for a pyramid. There are many other wonderful places to visit next to Ferrum Cafe – one of the most beautiful mosques in Astana – Hazret Sultan, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Independence Square with many fountains and the memorial complex “Kazakh Eli”.

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